Meaning & Values development


Meaning is a combination of why the organization exists (purpose) and what the organization wants to achieve (‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’, BHAG). Values describe what the organization stands for. Values give direction to choices and behavior of employees. Meaning and Values are the fundament of the culture of the organization.

At Ysberg we facilitate an energizing and participative process to discover and define the Meaning and Values of your organization. We use a 3-step approach:

Ysberg - meaning and values
  1. Discover the undiscovered Meaning and Values by interviewing employees, leaders, clients and other stakeholders. Desk research the history of the organization, especially the purpose of the founders of the organization.
  2. Define the Meaning and Values, based on the outcome of the discovery phase. We make use of a creative, energetic and highly participative approach with workshops and online tools.
  3. Live the Meaning and Values by translating them into a crystal-clear strategy development and deployment process enriched with a living the values program.

In the end, all employees are connected and engaged to the Meaning and Values of the organization. Employees and teams know what and how they can contribute to the overall goals of the organization. The result will be a collective energy and ambition to make a difference!


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