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We know how to develop a high performance culture

The combination between online and offline collaboration and the agile way of working. Both are opportunities to create a high performing culture, but it needs more than tools, techniques and methods. A high performance culture should be based on the solid fundament of your organizations energetic meaning and strong values.

We help our clients in improving their ways of working in which engaged employees cooperate in high performing teams. In a 3-step approach we help to make processes more effective and efficient. The first step is to redesign and implement the processes with a ‘big bang’. The second step is to fine-tune these redesigned processes via our iterative (agile) approach, a continuous improvement approach in which teams are end-to-end organized. Finally the governance should be aligned and employees should be supported by state of the art tools and techniques.
Ysberg - Drive performance

Digitalization is an essential development in this field. We make digitalization work by paying attention how employees can adopt and learn to work with the new tools and techniques.

A performance culture cannot be achieved when attention only is paid to the rational, more visible elements like processes, governance and tools. It will only be successful if enough attention is paid to human dynamics like employee behavior and teamwork inspired by authentic leadership.

Most requested services

Meaning & Values development
Meaning is a combination of the purpose (WHY) and ambition (BHAG) of the organization. We help our clients via an inspiring participative process to discover and develop the meaning and values of their organization. The result is a strong fundament for success.
New way of working implementation
Driven by technology we help our clients to define a new way of working that offers higher value for the customer and more fun at work for employees. We support teams towards high performance in this new way of working. Implementing the agile way of working is a successful example.
High performing teams
Building trust, defining a common goal, shaping clear roles and responsibilities and developing a feedback culture are key topics we work on with teams to become high performing.
Employee engagement deep dive
In each organization, the engagement of employees is influenced by different drivers. To improve the employee engagement, the first step is to understand the reasons of (dis)engagement by doing a deep dive with a selection of leaders and employees. Based on the outcome of the deep dive we develop a plan for improving employee engagement.

Other services

Change programs

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Scans & Assesments

  • Digital maturity
  • Next level business
  • Agile readiness
  • Growth mindset
  • Team dynamics
  • Technology adoption scan
  • Feedback