New opportunities, new value

Create new value for you, your customers and society

In today’s rapidly changing markets, organizations are confronted with an abundance of challenges and opportunities, mostly driven by technology. To create value out of all these developments, organizations need focus and clarity, driven by a energetic meaning and strong values.

Because of all new opportunities, we are able to create excellent customer experiences. However current strategies and business models have become less relevant and are sometimes even blocking the fulfillment of the organizations meaning. We help our clients to rethink their strategy and business model. The first step is to gain deep insight of current and future customer needs and translate this into an attractive customer journey based on a meaningful value proposition. The next topic is how to ‘produce’ this value proposition and how to deliver it to the market via a multi-channel approach. The magic lies in the alignment between customer needs, value proposition, operations and (multi-channel) delivery.

Ysberg - Create new value

The adjusted or newly designed business model needs to be implemented in a way it doesn’t harm today’s business. Distracted from the meaning a crystal clear and easy to communicate strategy will be defined in key success factors and connected activities. This easy to communicate strategy will help to break down silos and encourage people to work together. We believe that new value will only be created if during the development process enough attention is paid to human dynamics like employee behavior and teamwork inspired by authentic leadership.

Most requested services

Meaning & Values development

Meaning is a combination of the purpose (WHY) and ambition (BHAG) of the organization. We help our clients via an inspiring participative process to discover and develop the meaning and values of their organization. The result is a strong fundament for success.

Strategy development & deployment

A strategy is a description how the organization wants to achieve its ambition (BHAG). In our strategy development sessions, we help our clients to formulate a crystal-clear strategy that takes all stakeholders into account: clients, employees, shareholders and society.

Once the strategy is formulated we offer support in putting the strategy into practice by translating it to departmental and team plans. We take care of the governance and alignment in the strategy deployment process.

Business model innovation

A business model forms the link between the (renewed) value proposition and value delivery. The greatest innovation potential lies in your business model. Developing a competitive business model based on your organizations meaning, ensures the provision of quality, connecting to and reflecting the customer needs and experience.

Customer experience design

Developing a customer journey map provides insight into the needs of your customer. Creating a short customer feedback loop enables you to obtain continuous data about your customer. The customer journey helps us design a value proposition that meets the needs of your customer at the right time and price.

Other services

Change programs

Workshops & sessions

Scans & Assesments

  • Digital maturity
  • Next level business
  • Agile readiness
  • Growth mindset
  • Team dynamics
  • Technology adoption scan
  • Feedback