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Agile working makes teams (squads) more efficient, innovative and adaptable to change. With a focus on added value for the customer and based on short term customer feedback, we can increase productivity and bring back creativity and fun at work.

As visualized in our Ysberg new way of working model, the visible part of the new Way of Working is about the workflow, governance, alignment, tools and techniques and the invisible part is about human dynamics like teamwork, engagement and behavior and leadership.

Ysberg - Agile way of working

With our 3-step approach towards a delivery culture with a continuous flow.

We defined 3 steps to make the agile way of working a succes in your organization.

Ysberg - 3 steps to agile

Step 1: How does succes look like?

The first step in designing a new way of working is to visualize and define how success looks like. This will clarify in what direction the organization will head. It is also a check if the design principles still match with the Meaning & Values of the organization.

Within a team, it’s quite easy to change the workflow. But when the entire operating model of the organization changes, you need to think about things like:
Fundamentals (Autonomy vs Alignment, how to coop with iterative processes, what do we mean with MVP)
Organization & Roles (How does a Squad, Tribe, Chapter, Guild look like and which roles do we define? Do we need Agile coaches?)
Wished for behavior (What behavior will make the New way of working a succes?)
Workflow (How do we cascade our business goals? How do we manage our objectives and key results? What about our QBR’s?)
And what about the organizations successful legacy methods for example Lean or Design thinking. How do we merge these with the new way of working?

In 3 workshop sessions with the key stakeholders we define how succes looks like and gather the design principles needed to deliver the first version of the new Way of Working.



Step 2: Developing the change program

In 3 sprints, we develop the change program. The change program contains the Story for change, a Kick-off session, a training program to experience the new (Agile) way of working. a sharing and learning platform and in the end the Agile way of working itself.

Ysberg - Agile way of working change program

In 3 sprints we develop the change program. The whole program is about the Story for change, a Kick-off session, a training program to experience the new (Agile) way of working. a sharing and learning platform and in the end the Agile way of working itself.


Story for change
The story for change is the fundament for the communication during the program. A good change story drives the energy and decreases resistance for the change.

Ysberg - Agile story for change

Kick off & Training
We start the kick off with a compelling story for change. The sense of urgency, meaning and pride are the key elements of the kick off. People need to understand why there is a reason for change before starting the training or experience. The training should be an experience that needs to be about the way of working: process/workflow, governance, alignment, tools & techniques. But also, human dynamics like leadership, employee behavior and engagement and teamwork will be addressed. At Ysberg we know how to create an agile experience where both sides are served. We design agile experiences that are full of learnings on knowledge in combination with behavior. People will experience their new way of working, facing similar challenges as if they were already working agile. Like all our sessions it’s energetic and fun to participate!


Sharing and learning platform
To support the implementation of the Agile way of working we use our sharing and learning platform. At this platform participants can look up the description of the way of working, definitions, tools and techniques as well as soft skill interventions to stimulate the performance of their squad. At the same time employees can share their learnings (both failures and successes) to instruct and inspire their colleagues.


Step 3: Scale up

Now it’s time to scale up! After designing, testing and improving the change program it’s time to role out! With the build in improvement cycles we gather information to optimize the new Way of Working. In this phase we support the Agile coaches to work with the improvement cycles and we keep on supporting them in creating high performing squads. This will result in an Agile, wished for, delivery culture based on the organization Meaning and Values.


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