Behavioral change


A change in employee behavior can only be achieved when it is clear what you do, why you do this and with which goal in mind you do it. Therefore, a change approach is needed to improve employee behavior.

We deliver behavioral change programs that combine the people side of business with the business side of people to build a lasting performance. As a partner in change we support you towards a successful future!



In- and external stakeholders give energy for change. They give input to for the ‘sense of urgency’ (we need to change) and the ‘sense of excitement’ (we want to change).


The purpose (why), values, long term ambition (BHAG) and business model and/or strategy need to be defined and translated into a clear change story.


The design of the organization and change approach need to be aligned with the purpose, values and strategy.


Employees, customers and other stakeholders get inspired by the change story. Why is change needed and what is the added value for whom?


The change should take place in the heads of people, but also in their hearts and hands. Involve employees, embrace resistance and build trust.


The change needs to be embedded in the new organization by empowering people at the base of the organization. Learning via short-term feedback-loops is crucial. Celebration of success is key!


We help our clients in translating the purpose, values and strategy to team and individual level in a way that each team and individual knows how to contribute to the bigger picture. We support in embedding the vision and strategy in formal business processes such as P&C-cycle, performance management and HR-tools. We support to create a feedback culture with the aim to continuously improve.

The result is a better financial performance, higher customer loyalty (NPS) and employee engagement.


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